Monday, June 30, 2008

Long time, no see.

I was in London on a strictly non-archaeological trip with the choir I sing in, and then travelled to Bristol to see an old friend from the time I studied in Leicester (we shared a house; she became a teacher). Well, we did go to Bath to see the Roman baths, so there was some archaeology included, but I was there as a tourist. And I had extremely good time!

The last week I spent with my family in our summer place (see earlier post about significant landscape). There is something very relaxing about starting the day by lighting a fire in the oven and working slowly through the day, whether in the garden or inside the house, without ever looking at the watch. A purifying experience, I'd say.

Needless to say, these activities have not been actually beneficial to my dissertation, although I am a great believer in the theory that human mind needs times when it is not doing anything much to be productive. However, I'm still waiting for that productive mode to set in. Meanwhile, I'm just feeling I'm a hopeless looser because I did not manage to write four articles within a year after all.

Next Saturday I'm off to Greece and fieldwork.