Thursday, March 6, 2008

Article angst I

Gaah, I've offered an article for publication - the first ever I hope to get published in an international refereed journal and now I am waiting for the decision of the editors. It's SCARY folks, it's scary. I read the names of the editors and those of the editorial board and ran across several BIG names. And I am aspiring to publish in the company of those people? I feel so inadequate. Well, the rejection will be easier to bear because I'm expecting it, I suppose.

I think the whole business of my dissertation would have taken a lot less of time had I not this tendency to lapse into extreme self-deprecation which may lead to total lack of initiative and even complete apathy from time to time. To tell the truth, more than once I've considered giving up altogether and forgetting all dreams of a career in archaeology because I feel I am not intelligent enough to do this, and only been pushed to go on by the fact that research funding has been my only source of income. Why can't I be a happy-go-lucky person who believes in their own abilities for more than a few hours in a go?


Mary said...

Because you are engaged in post-grad research. Ergo you're ground state is disbelief in your own ability.

You will be fine and I'm sure teh article will be accepted.

Vulpecula said...

Thanks dear, I do feel better. And at least they haven't send it immediately back saying it is rubbish.

Btw, I think I'll remove the comment moderation. I forget to check it.